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Hello, Im new to the community and have but one question at the moment, when you down load the jets or any aircraft for that matter, whats the best way to make sure the programs are loaded correctly to your own sim. program? Have had trouble in the past and had to uninstall flight sim and reload sim. Ray

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Welcome to Flyaway Ray. 🍻

Downloaded aircraft differ slightly in their loading method based on how the creator compiled the files. The best source of information is the Read Me file that should accompany the files. Here is a guide that was written for FS9 but should be applicable to FSX. I believe the Aircraft folder is now called Sim objects in FSX. I'm no expert at installing aircraft but we do have very capable people here. The guide should head you in the right direction and we are here should you have questions. We can't guarantee correct answers but we will try to help you any way we can. 🙂

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If you get stuck, you can try this method:

The above is for FSX only Idea

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