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A340 Air Canada Test Flight.

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

hey, well as you know I bought a new plane, for my FSP, its A340. Before using it I wanted to check the plane if its good for flying or not. The FLight is from CYYZ-CYYZ its early in the morning and wanna test my flight before starting the whole day. These are the results !!!

1) At the gate, getting ready for my flight.

2) Taxing to RWY 33R.

3) Lining up on the RWY 33R, clear for takeoff.

4) Take off.

5) Climbing out 6000 ft.

6) Still climbing, just making a turn twards the downtown.

7) Flying over downtown of Toronto, its beutifull there, and then aking a turn back.

😎 Making a turn to the airport, flying over downtown.

9) Cockpit view of A340, approaching airport.

10) Approaching to the airport, about to land.

11) Touchdown, landed finely.

12) Back home, taxing to the gate.

THX for watching please leave a comment if you liked it or not.

This flight was very smooth and easy. Its really easy to takeoff with this plane, but when it comes to the landing.... 🙄 ANYWAY i will still fly this plane because i like it and it goes smooth in turns.

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Karlw Chief Captain

Very nice 😎 are tey editied and where can I get the plane

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vlad (tiger7881) Captain

The pics are not edited, its actualy my game.
I downloaded the plane from from the A340-300 section, I downloaded, a real sound for this plane+Panel, to make it real, because otherwise they wont give it to you. The plane is awesome.

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Beautiful shots tiger! I love the colors and clouds you captured. #4 and #6 are favs for me.

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Beautiful shots Tiger 🙂

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