Here is that question again!!!

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ok, here for the millionth time!! i tried to use the link to see if my comp was ok to run FSX.. but it told me it couldnt find the stuff it needd.. typical miscrosft!! DAM YOU BILL (Shaking fists!!) hehehe

Anywho, im not much of a comp person, but i found that i have..

Nvidia geforce go 7400
1024 MB memory

Now i hope thats the stuff u need to know.. Not fully sure which way to go, FSX or FS2004, really keen on getting one, i mean FSX is newer, and will be better, but it battles from what i have read, 04 although older, will run better and ill save $$, is thier much more features in FSX than in 04? Advice on which way i should go?

Cheers all you avo buffs!!! \m/ Twisted Evil \m/

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You should get FS2004 (FS9)

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If your Microsoft soft wear is legal you can go to Microsoft Game Advisor to see were you standing as far as performance goes?

You need to be running Internet Explorer for it to work. I think you can check it out by game. You can also try the demo.


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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004(FS9) only.

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