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i want to make a screenshot of a fly-in at my home field.
it will of course require me to have alot of aircraft parked around the area. the aircraft i want to use are specific. i do have them, but i dont know how to have them there all at the same time, arranged the way i want them. i know that one of you can tell me the answer. tell me oh wise one.... how do i accomplish this task?

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

I'm sure that others have much better ways of doing this but what I do is to snap a shot from the landing aircraft, then after I'm on the ground and parked, I load the other aircraft and taxi it to where I want it in the first picture and then I just play with the zoom and angles under alt option view.

I copy a part of the first photo to MS Paint and then a copy of the other aircraft to another paint doc. I trim away confilicting background and test pasting it where it goes in the first pic.

I've found that tarmacs are usually fairly forgiving. Getting the lighting to match is a challenge with different camera angles. I use Irfanview and its editing to lighten and brighten as needed.

This would be quite a tedious process with many aircraft, but a challenge that I'd find interesting. I've toyed with someday making a far off shot of an airport tarmac with everything I've ever flown on it.

Here a couple links to several of my latest composite pics.

What looks to be bad lighting in the first is actually the sun making one of those hexagon glares in the camera lense.

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your landing shot.

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