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Hi guys,

After a whole day of formatting hard drives, re-installing windows, fs9 & x i am up and running again with no fatal errors but a simple and basic Fs9 and is not looking as good as it was!

have you guys got any recomened planes/scenery and the like to have it realistic again!

any help would save another sweat....


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Sorry to see you're having troubles x-pilot, i was going to try and post some stuff..but.. if you have a look in the general section at the "some useful files all freeware" sticky by Liono i think you'll find all you need. Good luck there's lots there. 😀

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Sorry, after a second look there's not much on scenery there really. So you might want to try Realitypack pt1+2 available at Avsim and also Real Environment pro available at the same site. As for aircraft i would recommend anything by Project Opensky, IFDG and anything by Eric Cantu and Kittyhawk. Hope this helps 😀 .

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Hey x-pilot, Welshflyer pretty much covered the 'Heavies' department.

If you wanna browse for all kinds of add-ons by popularity, try this list:

Makes actually pretty interesting reading 🤔


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hi guys,

thanks for that, i have just managed to get all my AI downloaded, i got the relenviroment pro, just need some scenery for some places and some planes and then away!

my fsx installed fine and my product key worked so happy!

i did purchase a external hd so all backed up too!, thanks guys if there is anything it partiuclar i am looking for i will give you a shout

cheers and thanks

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Here is a great place to start your search: ➡
It has links to over 500 FS sites.

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thanks CRJ, thats cool that, keep me busy all weekend that!

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