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Czech Wings – a new virtual airline

Michael Kominik Guest

The day has come, when after a year of exhausting work and testing I can open a new virtual airline for pilots, under the name Czech Wings and operating on the IVAO network.

As there are enough classical airlines in the virtual skies, I considered it important to create an unusual environment, resembling real airlines much more closely than ordinary virtual airlines. I focussed especially on the simulation of aircraft turnaround and the provision of detailed pre-flight information. Furthermore I would like to connect pilots of many nationalities into one group. Therefore, don’t consider this new airline as just another call sign among many, but rather as a way to ensure the virtual pilots have the feeling that they are a real part in the machinery of the airline.

For more information see

Thanks to Michal Pospíchal for help in the creation of flights to destinations serviced by Boeing 737s, and for his share in the future rapid development of the airline.

You are warmly welcome.
Michael Kominik

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Tailhook Chief Captain

This is a very attractive looking site, it's obvious how much planning and thought has been invested.
I was wondering which aircraft models you use for your fleet, particularly the 767's.

Michael Kominik Guest

Thank you, repaints are currently available for Level-D 767 and PMDG 737. Do you fly a different model?

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I fly EVERYTHING 🙂) - including the POSKYs.

My question was a general one because without this information you might get many prospective pilots signing up who, after realising that they require payware models which they don't own could be very disappointed.
That would be unfortunate, seeing how much effort you have put into your great and fast loading site.


Michael Kominik Guest

The information is available in the Fleet section. We are still looking for foreign pilots, what are you waiting for? 😂

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I'm the first one to admit that I have a lot to learn about everything computer related.
Each time I look at a VA I check out the fleet and I could have sworn I did it in this case. So I just had another look but I still can only see what I saw on my first visit - unless of course one has to sign in to see the complete picture. I see:

Boeing 767-300ER and..

Boeing 737-600.

No reference of any kind to the LDS or the PMDG. So I checked my aircraft folder and yes, I do have a POSKY -600, one of their more recent additions as you undoubtedly know. With the -300ERs one can easily get the impression that POSKY don't have those if only looking at their page. All it says regarding the 767 is either 767-300 or 767-400.

I do have the following POSKY models though:

767-300ER (GE)

767-300ER (PW) and

767-300FER (GE)

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has these aircraft. I don't mean to nitpick, but having reassured myself that POSKY does have the models you're flying available I still maintain that you might inform prospective pilots of the facts.

Thanks for the invitation anyway

Regards 😀

Michael Kominik Guest

It is our goal you don't have to log in to see things that don't require logging in 😉. Off course, you will find which models are the liveries available for in the plane detail (page Fleet).

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Oh boy, it never occured to me to click INSIDE the Registration column. I do hope that no one else who visits misses this.

Now this opens up a totally new world. Impressive 🍻

Michael Kominik Guest

Now, if you wished POSKY repaint for 767-300ER GE, let me know 😉.

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