VoiceBuddy 3.0 will install but locks up in Vista

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Had XP - fast processor, 3 gig Ram, 8800GTS - Voice buddy worked fine.
Installed Vista (for DirectX 10) (what a mistake) - and VoiceBuddy will install, but as soon as you open it, it freezes up - NOT RESPONDING -
Tried in XP Compatability Mode, all to no avail - This has eDimensional stumped - even with their new "Vista Driver" still won't work. Any ideas friends?
Thanks in advance,
Tom 🙂

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It's a beta update and the site doesn't mention FSX as far as I saw.

Correct me if I'm missing something.


cthiggin Guest

You are correct - it is beta - The more I get into this, it appears that Vista has a different way of using program files / user privledges, and you must go in and make changes for each folder to all access / read/write etc. I have done this, and it has helped some with no lockups, however the speech command module does not work properly in VB - Have read other threads on installing programs that do not work - Don't let them install in the "Programs Directory" OR Install them to another partitioned drive. Stay in touch - In summary, appears to be a Vista issue, AND MS will NOT help you unless the drivers are MS certified.
Thanks, cthiggin

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