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When flying an IFR flightplan and an airport has non ILS runways aswell as ILS runways ATC will always make me land on a Visual approach.

Then when I hit the option to select another runway all it gives me is the other non ILS runway Mad

Anyone know how to correct this?


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Try lowering the weather below 3 miles visibility and a ceiling less than 1,000 feet. In good weather, you don't need an ILS so the program gives you a visual approach. IFR flight plan doesn't matter, only weather conditions. Runway selection is based on wind also. Make wind favor the runway you want.

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Many thanks CRJ I will give it a try!

Dont get me wrong a visual approach is more rewarding but most of the time I like to let the computer do most of the approach work!

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let the computer do the work instead of you flying it? Hmmm, thats kinda like buying a Ferrari and having the chauffer drive you.... 😕

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