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ok....what i did.. was that i downloaded a plane from this away..a md 11 ..then i saved it in the fsx simobjects and then in planes.....its already downloaded...its all there in the folder of planes...but when its time to select an aircraft/ doesnt appear the plane i downloaded....

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check to see what panel it is using. Open up the file for the MD 11 and find the Panel Folder - open that. Open up the config file (you'll have to right click on it and select open with - then open it with Note Pad). What plane is listed?

the wrong plane it listed, it should say this...


once you make that change, it will work. I'm assuming you downloaded the AOM MD 11. The problem is that the old panel that is listed doesn't actually exist.

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id didnt had a panel....what i did ewas that i saw some posts over here..saying that the b737 panel works for the md 11 so..what i did was that i copy the fsx b737 panel to the md 11.....

is something else missing???

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send a link to where you downloaded it from. It will probably be easier for me to look at it then.

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You were right rowcoach - when you first made this suggestion in another thread dealing with the same a/c I couldn't believe that a file updated and uploaded for FSX could contain such basic oversights.

The size of the .zip file is approx. 38MB. What for? Aaah.. for the included soundset which is freely available seperately in the file libraries. But, as you mentioned, the panel is simply aliased yet the entry hasn't even been edited for FSX.
These are the contents of the INSTALLATION.txt document:
"Copy this folder into you objects/airplane Folder" -- Period. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!
Oh, I shouldn't be too harsh. We're also given a Documents folder full of docs for the SGA DC-10.., thanks, nice touch, makes it look more "updated" I guess. Oooh yes, there is another .txt doc containing the COCKPIT PREP for the DC-10.

Who uploads such rubbish? Why is this kind of incompetence and pretence tolerated in the first place? I DON'T LIKE IT!! THIS IS NOT GOOD!!
It doesn't help anyone.

When I was searching for the same file at avsim the other day I couldn't find it. My guess is it had been rejected.

chapi204 wrote:

...but when its time to select an aircraft/ doesnt appear the plane i downloaded....

If you copied and pasted the panel folder from your default 737 into the MD-11 aircraft folder as you stated above, it should be working just fine. When you select the aircraft, got to: Publisher / Unknown. You should see a little Thumbnail image of the MD-11.

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