You know your getting old when policemen start......

Jamie4590 Guest

Today I officially join the '30' club 😞

I can't stop thinking that in a years time I will be a 'thirty-something' 😞

On a brighter note the wife has sent me out while she produces the masses of pressies she has bought for me. I really don't deserve her.

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Karlw Captain

Lol good luck Happy birthday and mabye some of those presents may be new aircraft for your sim lol 😉

Cheers and happy birthday

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cheezyflier First Officer

i remember the first week i started my trade. i was 20. there was a guy there who was 30, and i remember thinking of him as "that old dude"

now i'm 42, and i dont think of anyone as "that old dude" but when i see someone who is less than 30, i think, "oh, you mean that kid"


happy birthday, youngin'

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