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Hello, Seldo here.

I needsome help with downloading the aircrafts that have been created to be compatibale with FSX.
So I go to download them and a zip. compressed folder opens...

Could you please tell me what to do from there?

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this is some what of a longer way to do it, but I like to make sure everything is going where it is supposed to.

download the zip file to your desk top and then open it. There should be a read me file in it - if so, read it.

next, click on my computer, then c drive, then program files.

open program files and look for Microsoft Games. Open it. Then open Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

look for Sim Objects and open it.

any new plane folder should go in to the airplanes folder.

you may also have to transfer panel, sound, and effects folders as well, but they are all done the same way - more or less.

once you open FSX you should see your plane under the select aircraft window.

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Well i imported everything exept for the imges and txt files to the objects folder now what

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effects got to C:\program files\microsft games\flight simulator x\ effects
gauges into C:\program files\microsft games\flight simulator x\ gauges
thats about it, you might need to put an image file in the simobjects\aiplanes\(whatever the aircraft is) sio that you see a picture of the plane in the choose aircraft menu

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You could practice with this little guide here:

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if you've downloaded a plane that has an incorrect panel file, it may not show up on your airplane list at all. I've found this with one of the MD-11's and a couple of the turbo props. This is an easy fix. It just involves going into the panel config file (open with notepad) and changing the 'aliased to' to a panel file that you already have.

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im tring to download air canda 787

Is there any movie guides?


I got in on there but now it says.

Application Error

"The instruction at "0x200ef382" referenced memory at "0x01801928". The memory could not be "read"

Click on OK to terminate the program"

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