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Auto spoilers??

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Now I know there is automatic brake, but someone in another post mentioned automatic spoiler, if this is available would someone please tell me how to set it?


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How about auto arm spoilers so they automatically actuate at touchdown. Press Shft + /

This doesn't work on aircraft that doesn't support "arm spoilers"

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I make the spoilerhandle in view in the cockpit so I can allways see its position. Sometimes It won't set or something. I reduce the size of the 'throttle' window and drag it out of viw down to the bottom left of my screen so I can only see the spoilerhandle. When I hit SHF+/ I can see iif it set properly and such.

Just input for an idea 👍 Idea

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I am a little slow here tonight, so when do I press shft + /, because I usually just press / when I need to arm the spoiler, so why would I press shft / , and when?

Thank you folks

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The procedure within most Airliners that have AutoSpoiler arming, is that just prior to FINAL APPROACH, you would arm the Autobrakes, and arm the Spoiler by pressing SHIFT + / .......

If you just press "/" you will immediately raise the spoilers and this could greatly affect your descent or Glideslope progress, possible causing the aircraft to slow down too quickly, or to cause the craft to descent at too sharp an angle.

By pressing SHIFT + / the spoilers are armed and will activate when the wheels are down, or when the Engines reach Idle.

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Thank you so I know I actually was scared to use it earlier, cause I thought that the spoilers might arm too early I am going to use it today and I hope it works........

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