Cargo Paint Kits - where to find them?

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Hey all,
I am currently after freeware cargo paint kits. (layered if poss)

Could people point me in the right direction please?

Thank you Smile Smile


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To be honest the Cargo Skins are the easiest ones to repaint if you don't have a layered template...

If you have Photoshop and a good set of white base textures you can make your own layered templates pretty quickly...

Overlay your color layers and set the layers to MULTIPLY and see what happens it is magic Wink

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DaFirmCEO wrote:

... a layered template...

I have now learned what the difference is between a paintkit and a layered paintkit.

BUT... what is a 'layered template'?


All the layered means is that details...rivets doors, panels, dirt etc will be on seperate layers.

All you then need to do is apply the livery on the paint layer.

This would be at or near the bottom so the other detail will still appear on top of the paint.

So all the detail other than the livery can remain and you are in effect painting the livery behind these.

They then get converted back to BMP which is a single layer and converted to extended bitmap for FS use.

layer doc are usually .PSF . PSD .PSP

They are formats that the programme uses to save the image and preserve the layers instead of them being merged into one.

The formats will be different for some paint programmes but the option on saving will tell you which you can work in.

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Thank you, I'm off to meditate in my cave and see if I can digest it all.
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