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no sound from atc

johnie Guest

Anybody got any ideas got no sound from ATC only the text . all other sounds are ok

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RadarMan Chief Captain
johnie Guest

Thanks for the link radarman, had a look at it but cant see anything on there for x version, ive also got 2002 loaded and the atc audio works fine on there, cant really understand why it wont work on x version, all other audio is working ok, had a good look through it and cant see anywhere where the atc sound could switched off, all im getting is the atc text messages..thanks again

maybe Guest

found out that in my sound setting - in the control panel there was a voice tab and my voice default playback device was not the same one i expected to hear sound from.
(i got 4 sound cards 😛)
after fixing this the problem was gone.

johnie Guest

Thanks for the info, it did the trick, That had me baffled considering atc audio is a ok on 2002 edition

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