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Hello folks - need some help - been using FSX for about 4 months now - reading your most helpful threads -

I have been flying both prop and jets, using ILS approaches to understand how "approaches should look , instuments , etc.

OK - now time to do it myself - Can navigate fine, however, 3 - 4 miles out, even looking at the gps localizer arrow, I just can't stay lined up with runway for final - I'll drift one side or the other, or am skewed - I use rudder pedals and it helps some -


Need the basics from you folks -

Thanks in advance


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OK - besides flying the practice runs: question...

1- are you flying the ILS approaches using the ILS NAV Aids to fly the aircraft? If so, you should not be drifting if you have everything engaged properly, the aircraft should track right down the center line.

2 - if you are flying the approach with the ILS on, but not using the autopilot or the APPR, just follow the needles and pointers....I.e with the FD engaged buut not the APPR, fly TO the needles or bug, like the GS bug on the right side of the PDF, if i is higher than the centerline pull up, or fly to it. Same with the deviation left/right, fly to the bar. And use slow gentle motions, especially the closer you get to the runway.

Not sure if this will help. Now, if you are doing it all correctly and you still drift, you may have a bit of a crosswind, and you need to line up, but "crab" the aircraft into the wind. In other words, to keep it easy., the Runway is 270 (or due west) and the wind is out the south (180). It will push the airplane to the north of the runway you are lined up on. So to correct this once you have the runway in ine, you may want to actually fly a heading of something less than 270, like say 267, or 268, depends on how string the wind is.

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Everything is fine when I use ILS , I track right to the runway, great landing etc. - my problem is now I"M going to try and replicate the same approaces without the nav / gps aids - ol'me flying - that's where I, as a sim pilot, cannot get lined up or stay lined up. Maybe this will clarify things a little . Thanks so much for your quick reply.

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pretty much the best way to get better at it is just to practice. Other than that - it depends on a number of things. Jellrod already talked about the wind and how to fly into it. The type of plane you're flying matters. Main thing to remember is not to over correct. Make small adjustments and give them a couple seconds to take effect - it isn't like driving a car. Personally, I found switching from the keyboard to a joystick helped the most.

As you slow the plane down and deploy full flaps, the plane (jet or prop) will become easier to manoever. That being said, make small adjestments to your course.

I spent a couple months flying the Cessna around before I figured out to work the ILS. It gets better with practice.

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In summary, from your good folks help, I am definately overcompensating. SMALL corrections is where's it's at -
I will use your suggestions and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.
Thanks again,
cthiggin 😀

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