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Hello. I'm new to FS2004 and I am having some graphical errors. Whenever I'm at an airport at night, the runway is dark, but most of the taxiway is bright, like its in daytime. And also, sometimes when I go to the tower cam the plane is invisible, it doesn't show up on the screen. Can anyone help?

My system:
eMachines AMD AhtlonXP C2280
Processor: AthlonXP 2200+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.8GHz
RAM: 224 MB (The supposedly 256 MB it says on the box)
Video Card: S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR
BIOS: Phoenix-AwardBIOS v6.00PG
DirectX 9
About 10 gigs of memory left out of about 74 total gigs.

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Hi guest, you didn't say your OS, but you are definitely light on Ram and I believe your video card is less than you need. Is this card even a 3-D accelerator card? And how much on-board Ram does it have? Most people, I believe, that are happy with 2004 have high-end rigs with newer video cards. Good Luck, rob

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As for the ram, you do have 256 Mb of ram. But you use onboard video which takes 32 MB of that memory. 224 + 32 = 256. It only says 224 becuase thats the available memory. When you installed your onboard video, the bios set aside 32 MB of ram JUST for the onboard video to use. If you get a video card then you will get that memory back. Might i recommend, they have the eVGA Geforce FX 5200 w\ 128 MB of onbard ram for the video card itself for only $86. And you can pick up an extra 256 Mb or RAM for less than 40. I love my graphics. I have everything maxed out and set the optimum framerate at 28 fps at it runs awesome. I my specs are:

Windows XP
Athlon XP 2800+
eVGA Geforce FX 5600 256MB RAM
512 MB RAM
120 Gig HDD
Biostar BIOS
Direct X9

You have alot of the same or similar stuff, so upgrading your videocard and maybe more memory would put you where you want to be.

As for tower mode, are you sure its not behind a building? I know thats the problem I had when I first started playing FS2004.

Sorry I couldnt help more Embarassed


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heyIcanFly11 Trainee

(I'm Guest, I got an account)

Well thanks for your help.
I saw an ATI Radeon for 50 bucks in the paper. Are they any good?

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rob (Habu) First Officer

Hi heyicanfly, I would recommend only buying video cards where you can return if not happy...Best Buy is like that...Video cards are the hardest to buy without trying. Good Luck, rob...also, you didn't say which Radeon.

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Hey, Comma. That tip with the 28fps was a great success for me also. I had the misconception, that higher framerates would generate a better performance and was wondering about the stuttering.

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The latest intel Core 2 Duo processors are really good for games. 256MB of Ram is really light now days and 1GB or better is recommended. Also its worth upgrading that S3 graphics card 🙂

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