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Lost user name and PW

Lost Guest

I had a lifetime account under an old email address. I can't remember my user name or password. How can I find it? Is there a site admin that can help me out?

Lost Guest

One more thing. I do remember the email I used when I signed up, it's just on a closed account. So even though I may be guessing my "nickname" right, thje confirmation is going to a closed email account.

Lost Guest

Great support here. And they want to charge $5 a month for this? I've sent numerous emails to site admin, and posted in the forum, still not a single reply from anyone.

If your going to charge $5 a month for this, better step up the support a little bit.

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As much as I know all passwords and usernames are encrypted so it's not possible to retrieve them, but it could be also possible tha Flyaway (site admin.) knows your pass. and user. somehow! Good luck!

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