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I decided to take a screenshot of my CPU load while flying... where as its dissapointing that FSX at this point does not take advantage of both processors, but at the same time, impressive that I am getting the kind of performance that I am with only 1 processor doing most of the work... And yes, both CPUs are selected in the "Set Afinity" setting... I hope that ACES truely fixes this issue... What is the point of having Dual Core processors if people dont take advantage of them? Dual Cores were out long before FSX... they should have done this the first time around.

Even if they were to set one of the CPUs to handle the processing of Traffic, Weather, etc... I could see there being a huge improvement and an overall excellent simming experience. Also, notice that the GPU temp have not risen. Im using a Zalman cooler, but still will hit 52 or 53*c under a load... there isnt a single game that I own that doesnt make the GPU load and temp raise... but FSX does not... this tells me that they are not even taking advantage of the full potential of ANY gpu, let alone Multi-GPU...

So ACES... deligate some of that workload to both CPUs and the GPU... dont let a single CPU try to do everything!

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yes, can't wait for SP1

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