I can't save or load :( ....

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Hi guys. I am new here and I am really desperate.

I have installed and uninstalled FS2004 many times and I always have this problem. When I try to save, the screen goes black and I can't do anything else, it just freezes. The same if I try to open a saved file ( that I don't have, just to try ), the PC freezes.

I press ctrl+alt+del and then I get a screen telling me there were some errors, apparently some files.

Is this normal? what should I do? It used to work normally!

thanks anyone for your help.

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baldemar68 wrote:

When I try to save, the screen goes black and I can't do anything else, it just freezes.

What are you trying to 'Save'?

baldemar68 Guest

I can get to start a flight.

when I try to save the flight, it freezes....

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Delete your 'Flight Simulator Files' folder located in 'My Documents' and see what happens.

baldemar68 Guest

O.k. I'll try that and tell you later what happened.

I thought it could be a corrupted file from the instaling CDs, could it be?

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Anything is possible. My first guess would be that you overlooked something when you uninstalled the last time.
Leftovers can create havoc.

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How about giving us your system specs.
That might answer some questions.


baldemar68 Guest

Tailhook wrote:

Delete your 'Flight Simulator Files' folder located in 'My Documents' and see what happens.

wow.. I did what you said and it's working, apparently... I can now save and load.

now, on to my second problem. The last time I was able to do normal flights, my PC would begin either doing wierd noices ( like a siren ) at some point or plain closing the FS2004 application, without any warning or anything, just out. So far, it hasn't happened, I hope it stays that way. But if it happens, do you guys know when will a PC start making noices? It's like an alarm that something got past the limits but it's hard to tell. It happens only with FS2004. I've had this PC for 2 years now and it just starting doing it.

I am doing a test flight from Madrid to "Islas Canarias".

Tailhook, thanks a lot, it was so simple yet it did a lot to me. I owe you one.

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Souds like your PC is running hot... This will (or at least should) trigger audible alarms, providing you have not disconnected your PC's internal speaker.

FS9 just shutting down could also very well be a direct result of overheating (graphics card?)

If you have not checked for dust inside your PC lately, remove the power cord, touch a metal grounded object to rid yourself of any static electricity, open up the case and remove any trace of dust you can see. Before closing the case again, boot the PC and check if all fans are running, and if no loose cables etc. obstruct the internal airflow

baldemar68 Guest


Just like I was not hoping, the PC at some point began with the alarm. The CPU was sent to cleaning 2 weeks ago, so I don't think dust is the problem. In any case, I can see there is no dust present.

The fans are all working but I *think some cables might have been obstructing some of the fans. I opened the CPU and tried different positions for the cables. Let's see if that works.

Maybe you can help me with this: I checked the processes that are actively running in my session and there are like 5 or 6 different "svchost.exe" programms, one of them using an unusual ammount of 13MB to run. Do you guys know what is this " svchost.exe" file? when I try to finalize it, it says the programm was terminated " abruptly" and that the PC will have to restart, taking me to the starting point with all the processes again active..

Can it be that them together with how heavy is FS2004 my PC might be overheating? Ever since I began using internet there, it began having this problem.

I don't get it... my PC has 4 fans, it should be enough to keep things cool, wouldn't it?

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What is Svchost.exe?

Let me tell you what it is not: On Windows XP, 2000 and 2003, svchost is not a virus. On those systems svchost is a required system component. If you happen to successfully delete it, your system will not run. You'll be much worse off than before. Svchost, which is short for "service host", is a core part of the operating system that provides support to many of the required services that are Windows. Errors and other problems in your computer can cause your Svchost.exe to spike to 99% CPU usage.

Svchost.exe Symptoms:

1. Your system becomes sluggish, and you find that something called svchost or dllhost is taking nearly 100% of your CPU.
2. Your system reports that svchost has performed an illegal operation, and will be terminated. After that various things fail to work properly, if at all.
3. After you log in, your system automatically reboots in one minute.
4. Errors
5. Slower Startup Speed
6. Slower Internet Speed

The above is taken from:

In case you wish to research a little more, get a spade and start digging:

This is way above my meagre intellect so I won't even try to make any sense out of it.
FWIW, I have only one "svchost.exe" located in C:\WINDOWS\system32. My OS is Windows XP Home.

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TH is right about svchost; don't worry about having many instances running at the same time, quite a few programs/tasks require this file to operate, so multiple instances are very common. 13MB of mem usage is not uncommon at all.

What are the four fans by the way, the PSU (Power Supply Unit) fan, the CPU (processor) fan, an additional case fan, and a fan on your GFX(Graphics) card?
As long as the area around your CPU and around your GFX card are relatively clear of obstructions, those should do the job - if they have been properly fitted.

I still think that FS9 abruptly terminating looks very much like an overheating issue, but there's a simple test for it: Leave your case open, and when this happens again, simply feel the temperature of your graphics card. If you can just hold it without your hands burning, its not running hot. If you can only touch it briefly, then it probably is too hot.

If its not the temperature, run a full-system virusscan (you do have an up to date virusscanner I hope? And which one?)
Its a long shot; if it is a virus, it'd be more likely to cause a complete system reboot, not just the termination of a single application, but hey - viruses are nasty things, you never know.

Lastly, I'm still curious; what are your system specs, and how much free drivespace do you have? (FS9 seems to need a fair amount of free HD-space to run well).

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Get "Everest Home Edition" if you're having problems figuring out what all those weird things are inside your box. It's very easy to use ➡

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