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Hoping someone here can help me
Will be getting FS 2002 in the next few days and was wondering if I'll be able to install and run it from a partition other than C: the reason being, someone had this computer before me and didn't make a very big C: partition. and don't really want to start messing about combining partitions unless have to.

Ideally I'd like to install the program and any add-ons I get and run everything from an external HD.
Anyone know if I could do that ?


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why 2002? I would get fs9 or fsx.

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um.. i dont think so.. but ill get back to you on that

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yes, you can. when it asks you for default install or custom install, press custom. at the bottom it shows the path for the install. click change, and choose the partition you want.

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Thanks for the answering my question piper, Glad to hear I will at least be able to install it.

As for why FS2002 and not 2004, Not a great computer, so no idea if the program will even be playable on what I have, so just edging my bets a bit by going for the earler version.

and in case your interested.

AMD Athlon XP 2400 CPU
768 MB Mem
Radeon 9200 128meg G Card.

Thanks again

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Just wanted to say that FS2002 installed and runs fine from the external HD.

Still not a clue as to what I'm doing, ( and need a joystick .. FAST ) but once I've bluffed my way into the air, the graphics and framerate both look better than i expected on this machine Smile

Thanks again for the help.

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your system is a lot better than my old one and it ran fs2002 fine. the only thing that i think would lag with fs2004 is your video card, but i might be wrong.

my old system:

Pentium 4 2.8ghz
256mb RAM
128mb onboard video

and as for the joystick, DO NOT BUY LOGITECH! i have a logitech and it worked fine for a while and now it's starting to crap out - when the stick is centered, fs says it's wayyy off to the right, so i have to lower the sensitivity to almost nothing. i've tried calibrating it and it helps for like 5 minutes. my cousin has a logitech and his stick doesn't even stand straight anymore... it sags to one side... but that may be because he gets violent with it 🙄

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