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I'm looking for a management position


Hello all. My name is Toby and i'm the ceo of Air California . I'm a member of Frontier flight and pacific west airways I've been looking for a management position from all kinds of VAs. Here is the stuff i'm looking for in a VA if the CEO of a VA can email me at .

1. Hub manager or assistant manager

2. must not require vatsim to be part of VA

3. at least requires or doesnt require microsoft excell or word to become a manager or assistant.

4. I will be assistant hub manager like i listed or manager or human resources assistant manager or manager.

5. just email me at and give me your web page and offer me a job there and i'll see if i accept.

If a CEO emails me give me up to 3-5 days to respond back.

thanx for your time

CEO of Air California

Toby Turlington

Member of Frontier flight (FFT127)

Member of Pacific west airways (PWA5057)

Guest Guest

All management positions are open(except CEO!!!) at my brand new airline. It can be found at it is still under construction but will be finished soon. please reply to thanks-mark chapman
CEO-Vacation Airlines Virtual

Sunshine Airlines Guest

Hi, I am the CEO of Sunshine Airlines, and right now I currently have the openings of: Vice President, Director of operations/Flights Schedules Manager, KMIA HUB Manager, AI Traffic Manager, Public Relations Manager/Online Events Coordinator (Online Flights), and lots of pilots. You can check out my site at

CEO Sunshine (Virtual) Airlines

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