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Hi, as some of you are aware i'm talking on the role as a 747 capt in FSX. Coming from a 737 i find that the OBS is missing. Now i can only assume its the bit of numbers in the top right of the NAV/GPS screen on the aircraft. However it only goes in increments of 10. Why is that?

Also when setting the HDG this also goes in increments of 10. Why? I find it annoying. Is this supposed to happen or is there a glitch with my FS2Crew 747 and FSX.

One last thing, i was coming down on an ILS approach into Narita, moderately bad weather, nothing silly. As soon as the runway was visible it the plane was close to landing but i noticed that the aircraft was atleast several feet to the right of the runway, basically if i landed i would of landed half on and off the runway. Now im assuming maybe my OBS was the cause as it only does increments of 10 but then again i dont think it should matter.

I've read flight guides and basically this plane should land perfectly on the runway, in the middle, more or less automatically. Accordingto the tutorial by FS2Crew, at 50ft above the runway disengage autopilot and land. But in my case i was not perfect with the runway and 50ft doesn't give me any room to manuever.

Any help appreciated.

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