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Another newbie here, looking for some expertly advice. I was wondering if anyone can guide me in the best way of doing a visual approach when there is no GPS approaches into the runway or no ILS, etc into an airport. A great example is the Area 51 mission. I can almost do the ILS approach and landings to perfection, but I can never see the runway early enough to line up on it manually. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can see a little runway in the middle of the desert so clearly and able to line up, but thats why I'm not a pilot. I was wondering if there was a trick to it or I'm just missing some critcal elements of "pilotry". Please help. Thanks in advance.

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some airports have a type of visual system of landing lights called the PAPI. It is either 4 lights in a row, or two rows of two light each. Either way, the lights are either red, yellow, or some combination of red and yellow. While the lights are there to show you if you are on the gilde slope or not, they also help to identify where the runway is. I admit though, finding the runway in the Area 51 mission was tough. When the runway is the same colour as the surrounding vegitation, it makes things a little more difficult.

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Thanks Radarman & jolegg. I'm a real world IFR pilot and still appreciate a link such as that.

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