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bobbyz Guest

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I was wondering about how IFR actually works (not how to set it up in FSX, but how it works)

When I set up an IFR I file it (I assume) with ATC at the start airport, and they give me a squawk code. As I then progress along the route I get passed from ATC to ATC who know both the cruising altitude I have selected and also where Iím headed. How does this info get passed from ATC to ATC; I assumed it was squawk code that identified the route and destination but now Iím not so sure.

Apologies again if this is obvious

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Er, not sure if the answer to my question was in the link you posted.

I was just interested to know how all the various ATCs that I talk to when flying an IFR from A to B know what my flight plan is.

I know I file it with the ATC at airport A but how do all the others know what it is. For instance, how does the ATC at airport B know I want to land there.

bobbyz Guest

Would transponder be the answer to my question?

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You might find it interesting to borrow a book from the library on IFR. It would give you a better understanding of how things work, and possibly answer questions that you may not have thought of before. I think it could add to your enjoyment of flight simulator flying.

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