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Problem with the Doom 3 No CD crack

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I have downloaded this and followed the instructions to place it into the Doom 3 folder, and use it to replace the orginal doom3.exe file.

The problem is, when I try and open the cracked file, I get a blue window that says:

Unknown command 'vid_restart'
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...shutting down QGL
Couldn't load default.cfg


This happens every time I try to open it. Is there a solution to this?

AirBadger Guest

I might end up looking a bit silly for answering this as it seems a rather odd place to ask the question, so for all I know this is an "in joke" of some kind?

None the less....

I recently reinstalled this game as I have a more powerful PC now than I used to and I wanted to see it run the way it was meant to. (As opposed to the "jerk-o-vision" version my old rig was capable of.)

Before running it I downloaded the latest patch (I forget which it is, but whatever is the latest at the "GamersHell" website) and the very next time I went to play after that I realized that I was running without the cd!

So get rid of the "Crack file" and just update it with the latest patch instead. Problem solved.



Wrong forum, you want off topic.

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