Graphics 7600GT: I have one should I get another one?

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Just trying to increase FPS in FSX.

I've heard about running two cards and wondered if I could do that. The last time I did this was during the Diamond video card days. Maybe someone could tell me if this is possible or how to do it with my current 7600Gt card.

Is is possible to overclock a Pentium D 940 Duo core processor? I'm using an Intel mobo (945PSNLK, to be specific). How?

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As of currently, FSX does not take advantage of SLI/Crossfire configurations.

Intel Brand boards do not offer overclocking support.

The Pentium D is a "dual core" not a "duo core" - you are thinking of Core2Duo.... there is a vast difference between the two. Yes, you can overclock your Pentium D, but you cannot do it with your board.

If you want to learn how to overclock, go to or to learn more. Be warned, over voltaging/frequiency changes can destroy your hardware if done improperly... think about what happens to a small electronic component that is given too much power.... "pop" - I have "been there, done that!"

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what is overclocking? I have heard a few people mention it. I have an AMD athlon 64 x2 dual core 4200+ processor. Can this overclock, and what would happen to my pc's performance if I did overclock it?

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Go to those websites that I linked... they have FAQ sections.

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Hey JoJo -

Your Intel 945PSNLK does not have 2 PCI-Ex 16 slots. So this is not a SLi supported motherboard. And to answer your second question Intel motherboards never have overclocking options in their Bios, ever.

You would have to buy a new motherboard that has 2 PCI-Ex 16 slots to support SLi

SLi is fantastic but as mentioned not fully supported for FSX. I still run mine in SLi mode with my dual 7800GT's regardless.

Here is a picture example of my dual 7800GT's with the Abit Bridge Adapter. The motherboard is an Abit K8N SLI DELUXE for AMD systems.


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JLangevin First Officer

SLI systems always look nice, I just never really saw the reason for it... I have yet to hit a real wall with my rendering/encoding/gaming. I dont need to, and dont plan to. If you have a proper single card, no real benifit other than knowing you have more GPU than you will need...

The only reason anyone should go with an 8800 is for DX10..... and even then, its still unknown what to expect with it.

Im looking at the 8600GTS since its DX10, and still offers more performance than my current card, without the price.

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