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Hi people

I seem to have a problem. i downloaded VOZ quite a while ago and installed it. now i have seen some screenshot with Voz installed and activated and mine looks nothing like what it should be. mine still looks like the standard fs9

i was wondering if anyone could help me to activate it because i think that is the problem

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are you sure you installed it correctly?
Do you have a VOZ folder in you fs9 folder?

Did you install version 1.1--> 1.2--> 1.21--> 1.3?
You must do it in order.

Other than that, I don't know what the problem would be.

Does your view of Brisbane look any thing like this....

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Just in case you VOZers have missed it, the new version's been out for about a week now - I think it's 1.4 😎

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holy crap! 167MB!

Oh well, here I go.

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