A 10-ft "touch down"?

roookeee Guest

I thought this could be a scenery problem so I put it here. When I'm flying in the FS9, all a/c "touch" at about a 10-ft radio altitude but, of course, the wheels are still in the air! This can be seem directly on a raido altimeter. In LD767 it shows -6 while parking on the ground and PMDG 737s -4. Can anyone fix this? Thanks!

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Bartfs Guest

It is because the measure equipment of the Aircraft Radio Altimeter is just below the fuselage..
They measure the distance to the ground..
A Boeing 747 is taller => Radio altimeter is maybe like 15 foot up
Cessna is smaller => Radio altimeter is maybe only 3 foot..

Because some planes are larger and some are smaller..
I hope you get it..

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