LDs767 keeps banking on the LOC!

roookeee Guest

My 767 cannot give a soomth interception into the LOC. It keeps banking left and right and cannot catch the LOC instead of flying just one-dot off the LOC. Really mad~

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Hang the "Black Boxes"! Fly the darn thing yourself. 😀

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It does not really intercept very smooth at start, and may quite "violently" bank from left to right but once it's established on the loc. it should stay spot on.

If everything is set up right, (right RWY heading dialled in on the pedestal, right ILS freq, you are not above GS, not too close to landing (give it 10nm to start with) your speed is not too high etc.etc. it should establish.

Just ensure your intercept angle is not too great, 10 - 20 degrees would be perfect, keep HDG SEL on until the localiser is alive, and then change to APP Mode. Let it bank, and see if it lines up eventually...

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