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I'll make a flight plan/fly now or something, I'll always change the settings, but for some reason whenever I click the Fly button I always get put at KUNI (my hometown airport) and I have to go to the settings and load the flight plan again. Minor annoyance, but I still have to do it.

I'll set the plane, flight plan, time, season, date, everything, when I click Fly Now, it gets reverted to something else.

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You seem to be saying two different things, see if this helps.



I'm saying the same thing, I just posted it in a simpler fashion the second time, I thought, lol.

Anyways, that page didn't really help as I don't have any Alienware programs, nor do I have Object Desktop.

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If you haven't yet deleted the 'Flight Simulator Files' folder in 'My Documents', try that, it might solve the problem.

In case you want to keep any of the 'Saved Flights' contained in that folder, back it up, rename it and hide it (save it somewhere else).


Reinstalled, reloaded all my add-ons, working fine now, thanks 😀

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Glad to hear it, now go flying. 🙂

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