a few probs with fx

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I have fsx delux
I upgraded from fs2004
I am a little dissapointed I did.

1. the default plane is an ultralite.
can that be changed to another so I see the same plane loaded when I load fsx?

2. images load slowly, guages freeze, it seems very slow, even if I set graphics on low.
fs2004 was better. Do I need more RAM?
I have 1.8 Gig CPU and about 768 megs ram. I am soon changing it to 1.5 gig

3. planes I download from this site? after I put them into the airplane directopry, they still don't show up in fsx??

4. can fsx recognize voice from my mic for the control tower chat?


thats it

thanks guys/gals
😀 Dennis

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yes seems like you need more ram. Also you cant talk in singleplayer but you can in mulitplayer I think thats what your asking. Thats all I can do fo ya right now.

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1-Load the aircraft that you want as the default, click save just below the aircraft, fill out the windows and down in the bottom left corner save as default.

2-You need more ram and a better video card, probably a AGP if it isn't a Dell, if so you would probably use a PCI not a PCIe.
The CPU boost will be of some help, FSX is very demanding, even the most powerful machine built today can't run it full out.



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thanks alot

I will try to find that airplane save button

I alread have an upgraded video card,
its an agp nvidea capture card,

I am getting more ram to change me to 1500 megs
from 700 +

hope that helps

I can only change (and I am) my cpu from 1.8 gig to 2.2 , not much of a change but the 2.2 has double the cache

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