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I am after a self installing program that adds in flight commentary etc, such as captain addressing passengers things like that. I dont want to have to edit every individual planes files as it would take me about three days considering how many files i have.

I dont mind paying for it, but it needs to be quick and easy to install.

Has anyone heard of one that is decent??

I await your replies!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😀 There is a panel d/load called "greg737" which is for the 737 aircraft(but you could use it for any twin engine jet)
Its the 1st one shown here ➡

It comes with crew calls and is very easy to install...Replace the panel of the aircraft and put the sounds in (I think) the sounds folder....job done
There are a few other free d/loads available,but I think this is the most easy to install

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Micah Captain

I couldn't find the one you refered to, sorry.
Does anyone else know of any others that i may find useful?
Just want to enhance the whole experience, just like everyone who uses flight sim i suppose!!

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RadarMan Chief Captain
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Micah Captain

Thanks Radarman, its downloading now and im gonna install it immediately!!
Will report back mission status!


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Elkinallen First Officer

Hey?!?!?!?! What about FDSFX?!?!?!?!?!

And PMsounds?!?!!?

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Chris102 Chief Captain

You have to install FDSFX yourself by editing files, but the end result is worth it 😀

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Micah Captain

Hi guys, what is PM Sounds that you are refering to?
I just installed the Greg737 and find that it is really good and simple to install. I did try the fdsfx but it is still fidly to install and ive got so many planes it would take far too long. Is there anything else??


Razzio Guest

Hey was just wondering it installed all the old features in the old panel but the new ones like cabin crew announcements and taxi control are not there please help

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