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I designed a fictional airport, that sits on the Colombia River. Which is along the Washington-Idaho border.

Airport info:
Name: Airport Island
Code: K176
Runway: 16/34, 2000'
Hazards: RWY16- Houses; RWY34- Trees
Parking: Next to houses
Terminal: Yes
Libraries Required: Runway 12.
Airport Map:

Here are the pics:

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Karlw Chief Captain

very nice with the reflection type textures althou this plane almost killed me today it flew about 100 below us

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Cool paint scheme and looks like a twin Otter. Nice job on the airport, if I need to construct one, your the man to go to. 👍

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VegasFlyer Chief Captain

That's one cozy airport! Looks nice to me, except the trees growing from the runway, but I'll pretend I didn't see that. 🙂

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Steve (SpiderWings) Captain

Its fascinating to see all the different interests in the flight simming world. Aircraft design, paints and textures, and airport design. I wish I had more time or could somehow make it so I could do about 5 things at once. Thanks for sharing.

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