what is causing this?


Can anybody tell me why I am seeing these black screens near airports?
It is very anoying when you get closer, you can't see through to the end of the runway.
I have updated the latest driver for my g-card and have the settings at default for my machine.
Some specs, 512 memory, 128 intel graphics card.
From memory it never used to do this, perhaps I have changed something I shouldn't have. I will try to re-install if there is no known fix.

Anybody else encounter this problem? How'd you fix it?

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Forget about the black screens, your video card isn't rendering colors or textures. Look at the aircraft.
You need a better card and more ram or lower your settings especially traffic, clouds and autogen.


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That already looks like its on the lowest settings, and to be honest, looks worse than FS-98.... Id go back to an earlier version if it ran better on your PC... time for a serious upgrade...

PC guys, if he is using Intel Graphics, he is using onboard graphics... I would venture to say that he hasnt truely gotten an update, because all his chipset drivers would have been updated too....


it looks like a ghost plane.


First up, thanks for all the responces, you guys rock.
Here's what I have done since my last post.
1/Reinstalled the program
2/Downloaded the update and installed as Tailhooks suggested.
3/Checked my card driver as JLangevin suggested.
old version= 6.14.0010.3847
new version =6.14.0010.4764
Here's a new screen shot, seems it was a waste of time. I am determend however to fix this with your help.

This computer is not that old and according to the specs needed it complies to all.
I guess I will have to get an upgrade. Now here's where I was hoping to get some info from you hard core fsx'rs.
I know very little about this so could you please steer me in the right direction?
If I get more memory, will this fix it or do I need to get a seperate graphics card or both? And without it costing the equivelent of a small plane, what could I get away with?

PS, I will get an account at this forum. Might make things easier.

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It's mainly your card, but more ram for FSX is really a necessity.

Is your present card a AGP or just a PCI card and what is your CPU.

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Im about 99.65% sure he using onboard graphics controller, rather than a stand alone card based on those drivers he posted... those look like the Intel 945 or earlier drivers...

Getting a seperate video card for your system will almost certainly solve the problem, and increase the clearity of your graphics. You will need to find out if you mobo only uses PCI, AGP or PCI Express (PCI-E) Interface...


Ok, here are the specs and yes I know I haven't got a seperate card but that might change in the next few days.

Intel (r)Pentium(r) 4cpu 3.06ghz
307 ghz 504 mb ram
829159G/GV/910gl graphics card.

This does comply with the specs needed to run the program, Yes?
I'll keep you updated when I get some more ram.

Thanks for all your help so far.


have you installed this ?

you will need to first install the SDK from your FSX DVD before downloading the above.


that's it ! the 910gl is NOT a separate graphics card. It is onboard graphics.

i.e. you can't play any of these high realism games on it.

you will need to buy a separate graphics card.

I will let the experienced experts on this forum do the recommendations.

p.s. nonetheless, you still need at least 2GB of memory.

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Technically no, your system does not qualify for minumim specs...

Your ram is barely enough to run XP and its processes let alone FSX. The minimum requirements on the box are a joke, and one thing that will help clearify when troubleshooting for you, is to not reffer to your graphics controller as a card.... You do not have a graphics card. You have an onboard graphics chip/controller.

One thing that is definitly needed to run FSX is an actual stand alone graphics card. Look at it this way, your system memory is 512mb, but you show 504mb of system memory. thats because 8mb is being set aside for the onboard memory... so essentially, you are trying to run FSX on an 8mb video "card" - Make sense?

Your system is however VERY on edge with being able to run FSX period. Its a sad reality that thousands of people are coming to world wide.


Thanks Guys, for your amazing support.
I have just got off the phone and have ordered a 512 graphics card and a 1gb ram stick that will give me 1.5gb. Should be enough with a seperate card of 512. I may not be able to slide everything to the max settings but it will be fine for what I want.
It may take a while through the post but I will post an updated image for you all to see. lets hope it solves my problem but I am confident it will say goodbye to "ghost plane" for good.

Meantime, I will download the file from "Guest".

PS, Pay Pal'd the money for my subscription a few days ago but no word from the site owners yet so I still have to reply as guest.

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Omg lol, no wonder. I don't see how this was such a mystery since your using integrated graphics, that thing couldn't handle a hot cupcake. Overall sorry to say m8 that your comp isn't going to be able to handle most new games very well at all. The high clock rate on your CPU doesn't make up for everything else.

What ya gotta do is get something like this:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
Nvidia 7000 series/ATi X800 or similar.
600/700watt PSU

While that won't be the greatest for running FSX you will see an unbelievable increase in performance with everything else. Gotta be done m8 in this day in age, there is a lot of fun to be had but there is always a price, and it's getting higher XD I'de say that setup would cost you around.... £500 if you built it by hand. And if you bought it retail probably £700 - £1,200.

Hope this will steer ya in the right direction. 😀

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Hi Guys, here is an update.
Finally received the stuff to upgade and got it all up and running.
No more Ghost planes. no more triangles, it's all good.
Thanks for all your help and advice.


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