So I switched to Vista Home Premium...

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... and I can definitly say why they call it WOW!!!! I wasnt planning on upgrading until later, but since CompUSA was closing all their stores in my area, and I got Premium for under $100, I couldnt pass it up!

First off... with 2gigs of DDR2-800, Im getting no slow downs, bottlenecks, or stutters in any aspec of Vista... Windows Aero flips through the tiles perfectly, with crisp, clear movements, and all my programs loaded/installed with no issues on Vista... Im very impressed with the improvements over the 6yr old XP OS.

Now, onto FSX... I was a little worried at first when I saw that XP was only using 230mb of memory in processes, and Vista was using nearly 500mb, but I went ahead and loaded up FSX... WOW, super fast load times!!! The program is up only a couple seconds after clicking on it, even faster than my odd 5sec load time I was getting before on XP.. I left my settings exactly as they were for XP, but reset the AA to on, and Antisotrpic (sp?) filtering. For some reason, these reset to defaults when Vista loaded.

The rendering time was nearly cut in half, and in XP, I did get occasional stutters, even when I locked the FPS to 35fps... In vista, locked at 35fps, I got NO STUTTERS! I decided to see how far it would go and unlimited the FPS, and at Friday Harbor, with all sliders maxed except water (was on High 2.x) was hitting over 80fps!! Thats a new record from my 72-74. This might be due to Nvidias 158.xx driver... and Im STILL on the 7600GTKO... unbelievable!!

All in all, Im extremely pleased. I went ahead and locked the slider at 35 since I was still getting extremely glassy smooth performance over LA, NY, and Las Vegas at that FPS. My 2gigs of Mem wasnt an issue, but Im sure overclocking it to 1000mhz certainly helped. I will however upgrade to 4gig because there is no such thing as too much!

I do reccomend Vista. If your PC can handle it, do it! You wont be sorry. Sure, its a new OS and it will take some getting used to, but we all had to get used to XP too... change is not a bad thing, and we should embrace it...DX10, I hope you are worth it... time to upgrade my Video card, Im sure my wife will LOVE that. 8800GTX, here I come.

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Glad its working fine for you 😀. I've been using Vista for over a year and whenever I use an XP system, it just doesn't feel right.

FSX on High/Ultra High for me doesn't work as well 😞 . My target FPS is around 20 but on Ultra High Scenery (everything else on Medium High), I get around 8 FPS at Heathrow. I'm hoping that getting an 8800 will help things.


I just wish FSX runs on OSX

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mikecurrie Trainee

I'm currently on XP with the 8800 GTS, and alothough there has been great improvement in other games, there hasn't been in FSX (a bit, but not much) I still get poor frame on ground, and above 30 in the air. I'm thinking of upgrading to Vista Ultimate, so will this improve my frame rate in FSX? I hope so, cause it's not that cheap!

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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

No Thanks I am happy with XP Pro for now. I have other software that is not Vista compatible right now to deal with. It will have to be XP for me for now. Beside's I was Microsoft's guinea pig for XP and well not going to be for Vista. Maybe next year or at least a service pack release.

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Craig (Sno0ze) Trainee

Personally, when I tried Vista with the same settings I had on my old comp, my latest computer ran Vista Ultimate 2gigs of memory, Intel e6700 2.6 ghz and a 8800gtx, I never saw any decrease in loading times, performance wasn't much different from what I could tell. And to boot, DX10 isn't even supported by the 8800 yet, not until nvidia bring out a new driver. And SLi isn't supported by the card yet either. The whole thing is a mess right now, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, I learned my lesson on that front.

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Sno0ze wrote:

And to boot, DX10 isn't even supported by the 8800 yet, not until nvidia bring out a new driver. .

It is according to that

This driver supports the following 3D features:
Single GPU support
DirectX 9 support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs
DirectX 10 support for GeForce 8 series GPUs
OpenGL support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs

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JLangevin First Officer

The only reason I will move to an 8 series card is for DX10 when its released, otherwise 8 series could eat me. The performance that I have mustered out of my 7600 is phenominal and I have no desire to change unless I have to.

Vista has been absolutely superb and Im very satisfied... Im fairly confident that a large majority of the general public who talk trash about Vista are only repeating things they heard from someone who "knew someone" who had problems, and not running from experience themselves. Everyone claims to be an expert or some sort of beta tester for Microsoft, phooey!

There is not a single program I own that did not load properly on Vista...

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anonymouse91 First Officer

JLangevin wrote:

Everyone claims to be an expert or some sort of beta tester for Microsoft, phooey!

I was a Vista beta tester (got me a free copy of Ultimate 😀 ) and I think Vista is great!

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