HUGE FPS INCREASE TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i bought flight sim X yesterday, and i really enjoyed it! the only thing to complain about was the fps...
but BAM! i found a way to increase fps!!!! by a LOT!

yesterday, i was playing with the lowest details possible, and still got about 12 fps in major airports. the AI was still on about 60 percent however. today, i tried something interesting. i put the AI to lowest, and the scenery and autogen density to VERY DENSE!!! and run the game...WOHOO!!! i got about 35 fps, looking at my plane AND the whole city of vancouver at low altitude! try it sometime! you'll be spending more time online in this game anyway!

have fun with the best game in the world + the fps to follow


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d3boy2002 Guest

alright! i added about 50% of road vehicles, and sea boats etc. and the fps didn't change! the only thing holding back the fps is apparantly, the plane AI.

i released a vid on youtube. i'll show u all later 🙂


road traffic won't affect the FPS, if you are high above.

try flying low in a helicopter over LA... you will see a difference.


same as autogen, if you are in a 747 high above the clouds, your FPS will be high.

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