Captain Sim 757 add-on.

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Anyone out ther have any luck improving frame rates using this addon without Captain Sim's help? They seem to have a very lack luster customer service department. From what I have read, this is a big problem. My system specs are:

Quad 2 Duo Core @ 2.66Ghz.
256 Meg OC Graphics Card
4 GIG of RAM

My system runs great with everything else.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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It must be a very graphic intensive aircraft if it slows your machine.
Back off the AI and the autogen and see if that helps.
Lowering the clouds and shadows could help also.


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I have it and mine works fine but I never even tried customizing the frame rates though.

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I too have recently purchaed the Capt Sim 757 base package, and it IS a FPS hawg! That having been said, I think the model is impressive. I haven't tweaked the system yet because I'm still getting used to the aircraft. If you have found a better config for the FPS, please share...

I was wondering, I fly for AeroTexas, and I have moved from RJ service up to National service. I am used to flying the ERJ145 from "Feelthere"- an EXCELLENT PAYWARE AIRCRAFT I might add- and the FMS in the ERJ is very detailed and easy to use. I have never used the FMC that comes with the 757. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial that can walk me through programing and flying with the FMC? Capt Sim has no such info, or at least I cannot find it if it exists. Thanks in advance.

Lenard Fleming,
RJ Sr Capt.
AeroTexas (VA)

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ATX46 wrote:

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good tutorial that can walk me through programing and flying with the FMC?

This is a very good generic tutorial for the FMC ➡

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RGR...Thanks! I'll give it a read


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