Nice new Choppers...but what about a Sea Stallion?

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Anyone willing to put in the effort for a Super Stallion CH-53D , or a Sikorsky CH-53E? I would even consider a 53-J, the Air Force version used in Iraq (I mean Desert Storm)....come on fellas, is this forum only for "foreign" aircraft? Sikorsky's designs for heavy liftng was by far one of the most impressive inventions of the 20th my mind only ( for the nay-sayers). True, being able to lift millions of pounds (american measurement offense), into orbit or travelling fast enough to escape our stratosphere, is impressive enough.

But to watch a Sikorsky (Hind Mi-35 version), in the frozen wasteland of Siberia, raise several tons of "perma frost" encrusted mammoth, is so "uplifting" (no pun intended), that I'll give the russians the ultimate prize of "EVOLUTION of the 20th Century.

Sorry if I have typo's, but my Carpal Tunnel surgery is being pushed back even further, this equates to more typos than I'm prone to...such as the "blone", pointed out.

To all,
YAFN (Henceforth, known as, MJ)

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Super Stallion CH-53D and Sikorsky CH-53E are great aircraft but I don't think anyone here makes aircraft for flight simulator. Creating aircraft is very complicated and requires much computer programing knowledge. There are many aircraft available for download for FS9 but not many for FSX(yet).

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Many of these now work in FSX and if they don't yet they will.

I have a few (see FSX Screenshots Forum) and have another tucked away for use this week.


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