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E - 3 A

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ducky22 Trainee

😕 can someone pleas tell me ware to get or send me an E - 3 A scentury for FS2004 me and my frend both want it but neither of us can be bothered spending the sort of mouny on one that they ask for on scerten web sites Crying or Very sad [b][i] sent it to neil.donald@bluthank[/url]

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ducky22 Trainee

Embarassed oops that didnt work sent any info to me st

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Chris102 Chief Captain

This site is currently EXTREMELY busy, so I don't think you'll be able to download it anytime soon, but try this,

(click "I Accept - Start Download" on that page)

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RadarMan Chief Captain

E - 3 A century ????? An E-3A AWACS?

The last on this list, is that what you want.


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