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I thought those of you who take vitual flying seriously might like to try out a new Online Logbook. You can also share a read only version of your logbook online.

Checkout a sample online logbook:

If you would like to sign up or just check us out, click here:

My partner and I recently launched the site, and while we are in BETA we are allowing people to sign up for free and we hope to get suggestions for new Features, bug reports, and eventually paying users.

When the free period is over, you will still be able to access your logbook and you can download it in Excel format beforehand so you have the data locally. When the free period is over, you'll need to get an account to add new entries.

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Thats Pretty Cool
i Am considering joining up
as a pilot and as a CEO of a VA it will eb handy

i am interested about the Flight Schools
Can you tell me more

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The flight schools section is an area where we will display links to partners that operate flight schools.

You may have noticed that we provide data entry for those pilots who may have accumulated a lot of hours in a paper logbook and would like to get those onto the server. We will soon be soliticing flight schools / FBOs to act as drop off points for log books where pilots can either have their logbooks scanned, or drop off photo copies. Optionally, pilots can also email scanned images or snail mail photo copies.

If there are other aspects of flight schools that you would be interested in, let me know. We are trying to learn everything we can about potential customers and what we can do to attract and retain them.

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i am looking for a flight school
i run a VA
so i want to be able to link a flight school from my website for my pilots
that they can go on do some sort of test and then send the results to me

Steve @ Guest

Our new Aviation Search Engine (built using Google Co-op) is up and working. Please try it out and let me know what sites I should add to make it more useful.

I spent a lot of time sifting through web manure to find interesting and relevant websites. My goal is to provide a focused tool that will enable users to get directly at the GOOD INFORMATION that is often buried.

By searching for "Wings" you won't have to dig through "Chicken Wings" to find relevant aviation information about aircraft wings.

Steve @

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What features can we add to make the site more useful for Sim pilots?

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