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I was a Chief Flight Instructor at a 141 school. One of the instructors came in and I noticed he did not have his tie on. Rules I said to him to put it on. He replied he forgot it at home. I said borrow one or something. I saw him Censored moments later and he still did not have one on. I said You go home or whatever and don't come cack without a tie!!!! Whip

About a half hour later I saw him from a distance. I looked!! What?!?! I went to him.,, He had on a black bow tie!!!!! Blink I said to him ARE you mocking me?!?!?! He said no, I could only find this! HE WAS serious! I laughed my Ass off!! Someone finally hooked him up with a tie. Gosh that was hillarious. The funny part was that he was serious!!! Yes

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Wacko Strange people in this world. Unsure


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Thats so funny 😀 ! Couldn't he go to TJ Maxx or Marshall's and get a $5 tie?

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It was TTOOOOoooo Funny. I still can't believe it. It was just like in some kind of comedy show on TV. 🙄

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Off the topic 4 a sec ( true story)

there was this guy driving his car & he kept on swaying the car like he was drunk. So a cop pulls the guy over to do all sorts of mental tests( "walking the line u know the sort of thing 😂 🍻 )so she's telling him to do things like stand on 1 foot & jump,put his hand behind his back & he can do everything she asks. So he say's to the cop" Jeez, do you want me 2 dance 4 u!?" she goes"Yeah, I would" so he does a little jig so finally she goes " Pretty good, are you a dancer?" he goes" No, I'm just drunk!" 😂 😂 😂 😀 👏

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I don't get it. Why did the guy need a tie to fly a plane? I'm guessing this didn't happen in California. . . 😎


Elkin Guest

He didnt need a tie to fly the plane. He needed the tie to satisfy the company policy and proceedures.

Ca.? Yes. It was San Diego.

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