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everytime i get to cruising altitude and apply autopilot the aircraft either sinks or begins to climb. (usually sinks). I have tried to fiddle with the pitch as much as possible! But there always seems to be a slight difference. And it always slightly descends or ascends and ruins the flight because i have to keep re-positioning.

Anyone know why this is?!

Thanks. Oh and by the way this is nothing to do with AutoPilot but does anyone know how to record a good video from FS9. On yOutube all these people have mint videos, but I don't know how they get it so clear! They obviously aren't filming the screen because its too clear for that. I have discovered a thing that records you but can you do anything else with that. I wanted to get it into Movie Maker to edit it with some music.


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You have to set the altitude preselect altitude and select ALT on the autopilot in order for it to maintain altitude.

I don't use it but many people use Fraps to record FS videos.

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