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somewhere i saw a freeware download that allowed ou to create ai flight plans anywhere you wanted. now i cant find it does anybody know this program, if it works well,and where it might be?

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Pick up Lee Swordy's Traffic Tools, that's the one.

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With TTools you can de- and re-compile the raw data, but AI Traffic Mover can automate some functions.

If you're planning to "fill the skies" with your own manually created AI Flight plans, this tool won't quite do though. In fact, I am yet to find a decent tool for that...

The best I've found for that particular purpose are TTools, Notepad and Microsoft Excel (Excel??? 😳 Yes - Excel!)

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well, what i specifically wanted to do, is to make certain planes fly a certain pattern. litterally, i wanted them to fly from newgarden airfield in pa, to wilmington airport, (delaware) to reading regional, (pa) and philly international (kphl) i wanted to have them fly back and forth all the time from newgarden to the others. i wanted them to be a jenny, a b25, a mustang, a 337, a stearman, and a waco. i wanted to have them to touch and goes, and return, and go again, continuously, to each airport on my list. i downloaded the tttools but haven't used it yet. will it do that?

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Oh it will, but you will have to type everything yourself.
It's a LOT of work, but it's quite rewarding.

In a nutshell: You'll have to create three blank files and name them:


In the first file you will have to declare the aircraft you want to use in this format:
Code: AC#1,467,"B737 EasyJet1"
AC#2,467,"B737 EasyJet2"

in which 467 is the cruise speed of the A/C, and B737 EasyJet1 is the title of the aircraft you want to use, as it is found in the aircraft.cfg.

In the Airports file, you enter the info of the airports you want to use in the format
Code: KSDM,N32* 33.94',W116* 58.68',525
KSDY,N47* 42.02',W104* 11.42',1982
KSEA,N47* 26.53',W122* 18.53',427

You actually dont have to create this file, but you can take it from the traffic files already present in FS9. Just decompile these files using TTools, copy the "airports" file and rename it to "Airports_Cheezy.txt"

In the Flightplans file you need to type the flightplan:
Code: AC#1,A552,85%,8hr,IFR,5:47:56,0:00:00,300,F,1400,LFSB,8:48:20,1:00:00,290,F,1401,LGAV

The lines above are made-up examples of single-leg flightplans (from point a to b and back). including TNG's and flying multiple legs, will make them quite a bit more complicated, but all the info you need can be found in TTools helpfiles...

PS. keep in mind not to re-compile files you previously decompiled. I don't know why, but if you keep doing this, the files eventually corrupt and you'll experience strange behaviour.

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