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Ok.. am quite puzzled about whats happened here but basically after starting up one day and a short way into my flight a message comes up telling me to activate my flight sim even though i had months befor hand. It then goes on to say if done so please try and reinstall. I do such thing and now when it comes to the last step on the install a error message appears to then go on about how many window installer didnt complete the last step and that theres something wrong.

I have reinstalled this on a number of times and done system recovery but nothing is working and i have no clue to whats went wrong.
Could any one help on this matter ❓

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Aw, that sucks.

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well hopefully i am gettin it sorted went through microsoft n there trouble shoot, although it seems its created a whole new problem am just going to see it the download works.
orginal problem was down to installing fonts grr

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