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A N00b IFR Question

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i've been learning to fly via IFR for a few weeks now and its pretty simple for the most part the only trouble i'm having is during landing.
Is it normal for ATC to not line you up with the runway? its seems they always leave me at a 90 degree angle from the nav system won't work unless i'm lined up in the ILS feather right? so am i supposed to line myself up? i've tried several airports large and small, sometimes i land alright but most of time i get the problem i mentioned above.

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It depends - in your case, ATC is giving you vectors to final where a 3 digit heading will mean you are in a position to intercept an extended centerline of the runway - it is up to you to turn towards the runway heading.

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ah ok, that makes sense, but when should i begin adjusting my heading to turn towards the runway? i can't seem to get it right.
thanks for your help tho! i'm learning a little more everyday!

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This is the exact problem I've been having. Getting to the airport isn't a problem, it's lining myself up.

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Welcome to Flyaway gentlemen! Assuming you've flown to your destination with the autopilot on and the NAV button operational so it has followed the red line on the GPS, when ATC tells you to descend and turn left,right,left,right etc you switch back to HDG for all this, just before this ATC should have given you directions to the runway you are landing on, in the GPS press PROC select approach and activate the one ATC has given you, input the approach and enter the ILS frequencies in the NAV1 window in the radio stack and activate vectors to final in the GPS. Then when ATC eventually tells you to turn toward the runway select NAV again and the aircraft will turn toward the green feather on the GPS. When you get to about 10/15 miles distance (this is not from the runway but the last point before the runway), switch the NAV/GPS switch to NAV(this is very important) and pres APPR the aircraft should (not always because there are faults in FS9) intercept the ILS and line up with the runway and begin a controlled descent, whereby at about 500ft you can disengage the autopilot and land manually. This is probably not 100% correct but i'm sure someone can explain it better. I hope this helps a little bit!

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^^^ just tried what you said it worked out perfect! thanks for the help!

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yeah i see what you mean about the approach not always working, it happened twice now, the plane just keeps going lol...there isn't a fix or anything for this yet?

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If you are at an airport with a bugged ILS, search AVSIM for an updated AFCAD file for that particular airport.
Chances are, someone fixed that long time ago. I've never attempted to fix a bugged ILS myself but modifying ILS systems in FS9 is quite easy to do.

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