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i learned something recently. maybe you guys already know about this and are gonna laugh because i just figured it out.
or maybe not.

i fly a christen eagle 2 quite a bit in fs9. i recently put one in fsx, and noticed it doesn't perform quite as well. i thought hmmm, strange. in fsx, i fly a north american mustang called "wild horses" (not crazy horse)
and i love the way it flies. tonight i put it in fs9 and it sucks raw eggs!!!
it sits all wrong on the runway, has way too much power and takes like 20 miles of zero throttle to actually be able to land. this particular plane is listed as an fs9 file but it actually sucks that way! in fsx it is about the most perfect plane you could ask for, behavior-wise. have any of you come across this phenomenon with other planes? i am almost ready to try taking all the way to powerful planes i know from fs9 and seeing how they fly in fsx. if i am right, then i will love them! are you saying "duh, i always knew this" or are you saying "hmmm that's interesting, i didn't know that"?

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I am saying: hmmm thats interesteing I never knew that.

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The plane I fly most flies a little bit nicer in FSX than FS9, but has very close (in fact you could say identical) performance, in terms of speed, turn ability, range, etc. It doesn't stall as readily in FSX. I also tried an Airbus A340 addon and found the same thing. Then again I fly mostly jets, maybe with props there is another variable at work.

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