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If you don’t know the basics of how to use a computer or how to sign up for free with – then this is not for you.


Let’s get started!

These guidelines were written using Windows XP. You won’t need anything else. Do not use WinZip for this procedure, it will only confuse you.

I have chosen the iFDG Airbus because it’s a small download, it’s complete, has been modified for FSX and is easy to install.

Download from avsim and save it to your desktop. Click here.

Once the download has finished, put your cursor over the .zip file, right-click and select ‘Extract All…’ from the Menu.
Click Next – click Next again – and now click Finish.

Find the folder named ‘iFDG A320-214 AirOne V1.4’ – this is the folder which contains your aircraft and which we will move into FSX.

Right-click on this folder and select ‘Copy’
Press the Windows logo key + E

You are now in Windows Explorer. There is a large field on the right and a narrow pane on the left. We will be working in the pane on the left to begin with.

Click on the <+> Sign in front of Local Disk
Click on the <+> Sign in front of Program Files
Click on the <+> Sign in front of Microsoft Games
Click on the <+> Sign in front of Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Click on the <+> Sign in front of SimObjects

Click on the word Airplanes.

The contents of your right-hand field have now changed and show you the various aircraft that are already installed.

Right-click on an empty space in that right-hand field and select ‘Paste’.

Your ‘iFDG A320-214 AirOne V1.4’ aircraft folder is now in its correct location.

We’ll go back to the left-hand pane in Windows Explorer and click on “iFDG A320-214 AirOne V1.4”.
In the right-hand field you can now see all the files and folders contained in your Airbus aircraft folder. Open the ‘effects’ folder and inside you’ll find 12 effects. Copy and paste those effects into the main Effects folder: You find it in the ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator X’ main directory.

If you read the INFO Text Document inside the iFDG airbus aircraft folder you’ll find the same instructions I just outlined in condensed form and something I deliberately omitted – so you better read it.



As mentioned, this was an easy aircraft to install. More difficult ones include installation of gauges and other goodies, sometimes .cfg files have to be edited. The first thing to do is always to read all the documentation that comes with the download and find the Installation instructions.
Having said that, the basic procedure is always the same – the way we’ve just done it.


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This is 2007, for crying out laud. This is reminds me of the DOS command line. This is no way to handle a simple addition/deletion of an aircraft.

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spelled 'loud' wrong....

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