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Annoying display problem

Fmotrichp Guest

Hi guys,

I tried to search the forums for an answer to my problems but couldn`t find anything.

It`s nothing too serious but it`s just very annoying. Don`t know if someone had the same thing at one point.

Ill try to make it short Smile

I just had a new monitor (yee !!!). Before, I was running on an old 17" CRT at 1024*768 (Desktop and FS2004). Now, with my new Samsung 226BW (if that ever helps ...) I run everything at 1680*1050 (Desktop and FS2004).

God does it looks great.

But here`s the little glitch : I now can`t see anything in the aircraft preview box (you know, in the menu, when you choose your aircraft and see it spinning slowly ...) In the game itself, everything is perfect, but for whatever reason the preview box is always plain black. Just annoying when loading new aircrafts ...

The only other thing that changed since (except the higher resolution), is the monitor driver (from Standard PnP monitor to Samsung driver ...)

Was just wondering if someone had that before ...

Thanks a lot,


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RadarMan Chief Captain

One of two things.
Either your NVIDIA card settings in AA is too high, set it to 2X.
Or, you need new drivers for your video card.


Fmotrichp Guest

Hmm, thanks for the clue, I'll look into that avenue (play around with AA)
I have a Geforce 6600 with latest drivers (93.71) and I have set AA at 4x if I remember right (didn't change that with the new screen though) and it was working fine before.

I'll try that anyway, thanks a lot for the tips


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