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ok, so i'm flying along in my military surplus dc-3, and i reach KILG my destination. i request full stop landing. i am approved for landing, runway 1. cool. i line up, land, and am told to turn next taxiway. i do. then when i am clear of the runway i stop and acknowledge ground handoff, and request taxi to parking and they give me directions to general aviation. i try to acknowledge but even though i push the right button, somehow i say parking to fuel. the prog taxi leads me there as well. so i figure what the heck, and gas up, even though i aint that low. then i request taxi to parking again. and am given directions to gen aviation. i try to acknowledge, and somehow it says taxi to fuel again, even though i just did. what is the deal there?

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I've run into something related. If you turned on "progressive taxi" and DO NOT follow the arrows till they terminate (disappear) then ground control won't respond to your new request for parking. I missed my spot when taxing up to the active once and turned off "progressive taxi", then 30 minutes down range I managed to turn on "progressive taxi" and low-and-behold ! Yellow arrows stretching back to the horizon.

Bottom line seems to be, turning "progressive taxi" on/off in the ATC window doesn't reset the arrow's sub-programe. Only rolling over the point of the last arrow will reset. This is the kind of bug I hope SP1 will fix.

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oldsamer wrote:

and low-and-behold ! Yellow arrows stretching back to the horizon.

i laughed so loud when i read this, i bet they heard me in the apt. upstairs! 😂

thanx, dude, i can always use a good one.

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