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Welcome to the new Delta Airlines.

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Delta Airlines has launched a new advertisement campaign and changed their entire image in an effort to boost profits and save their rear-ends from declaring bankruptcy again. Their new television commercial boasts more routes and better passenger hospitality, including - from what I saw in the commerical - tv screens in every seat. How an airline that just exited bankruptcy can afford all this, is beyond me.

Anywho - I've always been a fan of Delta. Everytime I've flown with them there's been excellent service and hardly any ever delays. The last time I flew with them was August 2006 when I went with my family on vacation out to Hawaii. Once again, the service was very impressive both flying out and returning home.

This new image Delta is aiming for is great and all - but I really am disappointed with the color scheme they came up with to go with their new image. Look at the picture below - this particular 757-200 was the first Delta aircraft to receive the new colors.

I think it's downright ugly and boring. I mean really.. is this the best they could do? I really liked the last livery they had, with the navy blue, sky blue, and red flag waving on the tail and the silver belly - it was really clean and professional-looking and it was a huge improvement from the ugly and short-lived landor scheme they tried to pull off from 1997 to 2000. But this.. I truly don't see as an improvement at all. As a matter of fact - it makes their landor scheme look nice.

Bah, but anyway, congratulations to them for officially (and finally) coming out of bankruptcy. It puts me at ease to know they will be around longer. And this new image looks very promising for them - it looks to hopefully make them much more profitable and organized.

I just wich they had put a little more effort into the new paint scheme! 😂

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cheezyflier First Officer

i wonder how many working people lost their pensions to keep them out of bankruptcy?

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ARD-DC First Officer arguing about taste I suppose. I quite like that colour scheme...think the colours go well together, posh, modern design, colours nicely separated....

Well, if we all had the same taste, the world would be a boring place i suppose Wink

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bawls327 Captain

I kind of like the new paint scheme they got goin on here.

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